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Plavora is the Best Cafes/Restaurant Discovery platform.


Want reserve a table at your favorite restaurant for an important meeting? Or is it for a date with that someone special? Whatever the case may be, we have got your back! Our business is all about giving you the ease to reserve a table at any restaurant without having to go through any hassle.Featuring a large directory of cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars around you; we allow you to customize the search as per your needs. We understand the hassle of driving all the way to your favorite café or restaurant and finding out that the place is totally booked. To save your night from getting ruined, reserve a table in advance through our website.Since our aim to make things easy for you, we provide the option to search by location, cuisine, family friendly restaurants, breakfast, lunch or dinner places, 24 hour open options and so much more!We have a list of the best rated cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars! You can even leave your comments on the restaurant page, telling other users about your experience. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve that table right away!Year Calculation
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We know that every diner has a story to share, be it in the form of dining anecdotes or photos, so we decided to bring together the most popular social media platforms to give you the power to share your stories, tips, photos and recommendations. These all go into our discovery engine, allowing other diners to truly understand what the experience will be like at the chosen restaurant.

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Plavora enables you to make an online booking at your chosen restaurant and in many cases to take advantage of unique promotions. Our user-friendly website lists the best places to dine – allowing diners to browse by cuisine, location or theme. We want to make the booking process hassle free, so we send you a confirmation SMS with your reservation (and promotion where relevant) details,and you simply show the SMS code once you arrive at the restaurant.

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